Concussions are a big grey area in the sports world. Most of the time all the research that is conducted is after someone has had a fatal accident and from there the brain is scanned and researched. We, as students, wanted to dive deeper into the research that is being done to prevent these fatal accidents from occurring.

As reporters we set out to find answers on the topic of concussions because all three of us have a close relationship to sports. Either we play a collegiate sport or our significant other does. We looked deeper into the science of the injury itself and all of the research being done to prevent them. The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab is the countries leading concussion and helmet lab. We are grateful enough to have them located on Virginia Tech’s campus for all current athletes and athletes to come.

We used a variety of sources to ensure that our storytelling was accurate. On top of the Helmet lab we were also able to interview and speak with athletes on Virginia Tech’s campus who have suffered through concussions first-hand.

These are only a few of the stories we have on this site, and we encourage you to check the rest out. Our goal was to bring awareness and create an all in one resource for education on this topic.